A little bit about me...

an admirer of stones, a collector of emphemera, a type affectionado, fan of lenticulars, 

Diana K B Hoover

Diana K B Hoover

Design Process

Design is about ideas, ideas that emerge from listening to what’s needed and translating research into concept, and concept into solutions that identify, clarify, instruct, promote, provoke, or thrill.
At its best, design allows for collaboration between client, designer, producer or manufacturer and is focused on audience. The process of designing is iterative—testing and refining until the best solution is realized. In this spirit, I focus on building dynamic and positive relationships with my clients.


I have practiced design for several decades and truly love the work. My specialties are identity and logo design, map and information system building. I also provide art direction, and can write instructional or promotional copy. In tandem with design practice, I am a design educator and have authored articles for publication. If you’d like to read more about me, my résumé is available here

Probably because I grew up moving around, place has played an out-sized role in my thinking and in my research. Place shapes who we are. Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland, the Badger state, the middle of the Middle West, Annishinabe country, is the place I have lived the longest. The land, its flat flood plains of Central Wisconsin, rolling hills and dramatic stone gatherings of the Driftless Area, and the wave-smoothed stones of the Great Lakes coastal areas have become part of what I know as home.

You can reach me through the connect page.

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